I’m A Cheater

It's time for me to be up front and honest about why I'm so often absent from my own Blog. I've been cheating. That's right. I've been cheating on my own Blog by spending all my time on another blog. Those of you who know about 'the other blog' won't be surprised by this declaration. … Continue reading I’m A Cheater

The Polls Are Open

As many of you know, I called on my readers to nominate their favorite book character to serve as our next President of the United States. Nine candidates emerged and the time has come to cast your vote.Below is a summary of candidates to choose from. The official poll appears in the column to the … Continue reading The Polls Are Open

Harry Potter for President?

With the presidential election coming up, political debates can get heated, quickly spiraling out of control. I have very strong opinions about politics. I also want to keep my friends, Democrats and Republicans alike. Therefore, I will try not to spew my political views all over the internet. (If I slip up and get mouthy, … Continue reading Harry Potter for President?

A Little Help?

As an author and a blogger, my personal life often bleeds into my writing. Out of respect for my family’s privacy, I try to keep some things to myself. I try not to reveal any embarrassing personal stories that involve my kids, and as a mother of teenagers, I’ve come to realize that almost anything … Continue reading A Little Help?

Rewrites, Revisions, and Falling Out of Love

If I don't respond to emails, answer phone calls, or if I fail to like your status on Facebook, try not to panic. I haven't dropped off the face of the earth or taken a vow of cyber-silence. I'm just in the middle of a rewrite. For those of you who write, you know what … Continue reading Rewrites, Revisions, and Falling Out of Love