A Little Help?

As an author and a blogger, my personal life often bleeds into my writing. Out of respect for my family’s privacy, I try to keep some things to myself. I try not to reveal any embarrassing personal stories that involve my kids, and as a mother of teenagers, I’ve come to realize that almost anything embarrasses them.

Most of the fun, entertaining stories I’ve compiled have come from my children or from the people I used to work with. If I can’t use friends and loved ones as fodder for my blog, what the heck am I supposed to blog about?

I could make stuff up, but I try to save my wild imaginings for my novels. I could spill all the dirt on my family and friends, but change the names to protect the innocent and the guilty. Or, I could write deep, thought-provoking articles. Okay, you can stop laughing now.

The truth is, I often struggle to find suitable blog topics. Honestly, I could use a little help. So, what do you like to read? What topics interest you? What would you like to see more of?

7 thoughts on “A Little Help?

  1. People do like to know a little about the author, although I know what you mean about privacy. What about telling us how and when you started writing? What prompted you? Did you start with short stories, or plunge straight into novels. What sort of thing do you like to read yourself? Who're your favourite authors and why… that sort of thing. Hope this helps.


  2. I think you do an excellent job mentoring authors on the pitfalls of our passion. Keep sharing that precious wisdom with us, and we'll gobble it up like golden sugar medallions. Aside from that, I have a couple ideas. Sophie E. Tallis does a wonderful job blogging about her adventures, but if an adventure isn't in the tea leaves you could always create a couple of charismatic alter egos to sit on your shoulder and wrestle for control of the pen. If that's too experimental for you, than a character or two from The Claiming Words could weigh in at times. This can make your characters more personable in the eyes of your fan base. Best of luck, but most of all, keep blogging, you have a natural prose that's a pleasure to read.


  3. You're right. I love Sophie's blog. Trouble is, all my adventures involve scaling mountains of laundry, or battling the traffic at my son's school. Sophie is way more interesting. I've thought about doing character interviews or something along that line. Glad you've enjoyed the mentoring articles. See you on Griffin's Quill. 🙂


  4. Hi Tricia,
    Maybe you can write about your development as a writer. Im sure you learn new stuff each day, or experience stuff promoting or editing your book. Style tips or even examples of before / after are all really cool stuff to read about. And that way you are honest, you write about stuff that you care about and its still very personal..
    Furthermore, I think character interviews are great. Maybe your readers can post questions to your characters and they can reply.. 🙂


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