The Polls Are Open

As many of you know, I called on my readers to nominate their favorite book character to serve as our next President of the United States. Nine candidates emerged and the time has come to cast your vote.

Below is a summary of candidates to choose from. The official poll appears in the column to the right. Don’t delay! The poll is open until September 18, 2012 at 11:59PM eastern daylight time. The winner will be announced at noon on September 19th. 
  1. Lisbeth Salandar (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) / Campaign Manager, Diana Borus: “I nominate Lisbeth Salander (from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series) for President of the United States of America. Ms. Salander has a strong sense of morals and is a strong proponet of women’s rights. She will not back down for what she belives in and is willing to confront any man for women’s rights. She would also be a proponet for the right to bear arms and would be willing to make golf the national passtime. Vote for Lisbeth Salander and she will defend both women’s and men’s rights.”
  2. Lewis Franklin (Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Series) / Campaign Manager, Melanie Dent:  “I nominate Lewis Franklin from the Lynchcliffe Cuckoo series because he supports the underdog and gives a voice to people who don’t have one. Also he is very good looking so would look nice on the campaign posters and TV shots. He stands up for marriage and damily values sadly lacking in today’s society and he hates violence.”
  3. Vegin Martoka (The Lokana Chronicles) / Campaign Manager, Kay Kauffman:  “I nominate Vegin Martoka from The Lokana Chronicles. Vegin believes all men – and women – were created equal and will make sure that all are treated equally before the law. He despises corruption and has ousted corrupt officials from every level of government. A family man, Vegin strives to lead by example. Honor, decency, and integrity are very important to him. He is a team player, willing to compromise when needed, and believes that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Vote for Vegin! He will lead Lokana – erm, America, sorry – back to glory! :D”
  4. Shuki Bolkiah (Not a Man) / Campaign Manager, M.A. McRae: “I nominate Shuki Bolkiah as president. His qualifications: an excellent education, experience in advising kings and presidents, and he has helped bring a war to an end. This incident demonstrates his common sense – when a member of the opposite negotiating team asks whether he is really a eunuch, he replies: “A pity our respective Defence Ministers are not eunuchs. They might think with their brains instead of their balls.” This is an illustration of Shuki’s most important atribute – he doesn’t have an excess of Testosterone getting in the way of his thinking.” 
  5. Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) / Campaign Manager, Amy Metz: ” I nominate Mr. Darcy. Every woman in America would love him, and every man would want to be him. He wouldn’t put up with any nonsense, he would know how to dance and entertain at state dinners, and he would make eloquent speeches. And besides, Elizabeth would make a killer first lady. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and support Mr. Darcy for president.”
  6. Darth Vader (Star Wars) / Campaign Manager, Ryan Holmes: “Darth Vader gets my nomination. That cape-wearing dark lord knows what’s needed to keep the unruly masses in line. Strong leadership requires a strong thumb and an occasional death choke. Gone will be the days of a Senate incapable of cooperation or deliberation. Vote for Darth Vader. Together we can rule the world!”
  7. Cheyenne Wilson (The Timeless Series Novels) / Campaign Manager, Lisa Wiedmeier and the Timeless gang:  I nominate Cheyenne Wilson. from the Timeless Series. She knows what its like to struggle through life and if things get out of control she’ll pull a can of whop ass on you! We lovingly call it “pulling a Cheyenne”. And, from Kindelle: “She’s a kick Ass chick with 3 hot body guards and u mess with her you’ll be sorry go Cheyenne!!!!” From Natalie: “She has already endured more in her short life than most have in their entire lifetime AND she comes with her own personal Secret Service agents!!” From Dfransen: “She is timeless, strong, spirited, level headed, beautiful and an all around great candidate.” And, from Juanita: “She knows how to hold her temper, can go days on a minimum of sleep and food (shich means she’ll amke an awesome mom someday), has, as one person has already pointed out, 3 kickass body guards. On top of this, she’s not afraid to stick up to men, and when you REALLY piss her off, she will destroy you. Watch out world :)”
  8. Dakota (Emily Dahill, CID Series) / Campaign Manager, Lindsay Downs:  “I nominate Dakota, the collie hero in my Emily Dahill, CID Series. He’s a keen listener, sometimes. Has a tendency to go explore on his own. Is brave and loyal to those he works with. And best of all he’ll lick the dinner plates clean at a State Dinner thus insuring the guests don’t linger to long.”
  9. Treebeard (Lord of the Rings) / Campaign Manager, AFE Smith: “I nominate Treebeard from The Lord of the Rings. He doesn’t rush into decisions. He’s definitely pro the environment. And because he isn’t human, he’d be above all the usual questions of sex, race, religion etc. OK, there is a small danger of assassination by arson, but give him a bodyguard of firemen armed with hoses and I think we’ll be fine :-)”
Don’t forget to vote!!!

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