I Miss You, Dad

The week isn't technically over, but it feels like I'm coming to the end of a very difficult week. As I wrote earlier this week, the 13th was the 2-year anniversary of my mother's passing. Today, the 16th, is the 2-year anniversary of the day my dad left this earth to join her. Yes, they … Continue reading I Miss You, Dad

Open Door

Today, I've decided to participate in Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry prompt challenge. The challenge words this week are Door and Open. I am dedicating this haiku to my mom, who passed away exactly two years ago today. She was a beautiful soul who loved life, her family, books, and coffee. I miss her so … Continue reading Open Door

Resolution to Do the Bare Minimum

Yesterday I accomplished one of my New Year's Resolutions. I usually don't make New Year's Resolutions, like to lose a bunch of weight or to save a huge amount of money, because I'm undisciplined and I never accomplish what I set out to do. This year, however, I made a couple of resolutions to accomplish … Continue reading Resolution to Do the Bare Minimum

She Faked Her Death

Two years ago, romance author Susan Meachen's suicide shocked the romance writing world. A woman claiming to be her daughter posted an announcement on Susan's Facebook group, The Ward. From that moment on, her online friends mourned her loss. They published a charity anthology, dedicated to Susan Meachan. A Go Fund Me campaign helped to … Continue reading She Faked Her Death

The Suburbs

An army of lawnmowers Trim grass to perfect lengths Same time every Saturday Don’t be late Or the neighbors will wonder why you’re Out synch with the rest of us Our kids play just within our grasps Don’t stray too far The only safety lies within the bounds Of our streets where all the houses … Continue reading The Suburbs