I’m A Cheater

It’s time for me to be up front and honest about why I’m so often absent from my own Blog. I’ve been cheating. That’s right. I’ve been cheating on my own Blog by spending all my time on another blog. Those of you who know about ‘the other blog’ won’t be surprised by this declaration. But, for those of you who weren’t aware that there was another blog in my life, allow me to introduce you: Readers, this is Authors to Watch. Authors to Watch, meet my Blog readers.


“What is Authors to Watch?” do you ask? Well, it’s a project near and dear to my heart. It’s a blog dedicated to providing a platform for new and aspiring authors. It’s a place for interviews, book reviews, and guest posts. And, it’s a place where I seem to be spending a great deal of my time.

I could try to justify my cheating ways by telling you all that I started Authors to Watch in order to give back to the writing community. Unfortunately, that would be a lie. My reasons for spending time on the ‘other blog’ are selfish. The truth is, I enjoy it. I enjoy picking the brains of today’s up-and-coming authors. I enjoy reading about their motivations, their writing process, their methods, and their madness. Quite honestly, I enjoy interviewing other authors as much as I enjoy my own writing.

Here’s the other reason I dedicate so much time to Authors to Watch – I remember what it’s like to feel alone. It wasn’t so very long ago that I began writing. I’d already finished three books before I discovered online writing groups. Before that, I felt completely alone in the writing world. There was no one to talk to about characterization, dialogue, or the pitfalls of excessive use of adverbs. Though surrounded by book lovers, there was no one in my ‘real life’ who cared about the actual craft of penning a book.

I hope the Authors to Watch site helps readers find new books to read. I hope the site gives authors a platform to promote their work. But, most of all, I hope readers and authors can come together and share their love for the written word.

If you’re a reader, please visit the Authors to Watch blog. Please read an interview (or several) and give a new book a try. Or, you can visit our page on Facebook.

If you’re an author (published or unpublished), I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email at tricia@theclaimingwords.com. You can guest post on the site. Or, we can do an interview. Or, you can just send me a rambling email about your book and why you love it. I’d love to listen.

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