When Your Dream is Bigger than your Budget

I'm sure you've heard the old adage, "It takes money to make money." This is true even in publishing - maybe especially in publishing. This post isn't going to harp on the recent scandal involving the YA author who bulk-purchased her book in order to inflate sales numbers. Nope. This is about the cost of … Continue reading When Your Dream is Bigger than your Budget

Follow-up to #Authors #Marketing Yourself and your Work article…

If you read all (or parts) of Susan Toy’s 5-part marketing series, you might be interested in reading this summary on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog. Links to each episode are listed at the bottom of the post, so if you missed any parts of the series, you can easily click to be directed to the section you’re looking for.

I’d like to thank Susan and Chris for presenting such valuable information to the writing community. And all for free! There are paid seminars out there that don’t offer half of what Susan offers, not just in this series, but on her blog as well. I strongly encourage you to subscribe to Susan’s blog. Spend an hour or two perusing the site and reading the helpful articles there. I would also strongly encourage you to follow Chris’s blog. His blog is unique because it combines author promotion with helpful articles. Chris is constantly combing the net in search of the best and most informative articles. He reblogs or links back to the original articles so authors can read the posts for themselves.

Again, thank you Chris and Susan for everything you do for the writing community!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


As a demonstration of how to put into practice; and get results from, what Susan Toy was telling you in her great 5 day series, we decided that a few statistics, based on the series, would be interesting:


Part ONE has had 351 views, 104 likes, 60 Comments, 54 tweets, 58 uploads to Facebook, 33 uploads to LinkedIn and 13 reblogs

Part TWO has had 232 views, 88 likes, 57 Comments, 34 tweets, 56 uploads to Facebook, 21 uploads to LinkedIn and 11 reblogs

Part THREE has had 186 views, 73 likes, 38 Comments, 23 tweets, 51 uploads to Facebook, 22 uploads to LinkedIn and 9 reblogs

Part FOUR has had 155 views, 66 likes, 36 Comments, 21 Comments, 16 tweets, 31 uploads to Facebook, 26 uploads to LinkedIn and 7 reblogs

Part FIVE has had 172 views, 72 likes, 18 tweets, 47 uploads to Facebook, 25 uploads…

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Twitter Etiquette For Authors

This is a great follow up post to Facebook Etiquette for Authors. I wish I would have written this, but sadly, I’m sort of hopeless when it comes to Twitter. I’m so glad Leona put together this excellent post advising authors on the Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter. Personally, I know there are a few things I need to work on in terms of the way I interact on Twitter. I need to “talk” more and rely less on sharing links.

I agree with Leona that it’s okay to automate some of your Tweets. (For example, the moment I publish this blog post, it’s going to shoot out a link on Twitter.) But don’t automate all your posts. And if all you’re doing is dumping links, you might as well automate. This is where I need to improve on my own Twitter Etiquette.

So, I hope you enjoy Leona’s brilliant post. Please hop over to her blog to learn more about how to use Twitter.

Leona's Blog of Shadows

In the light of Tricia Drammeh’s excellent post titled Facebook Etiquette For Authors I decided to write one on Twitter etiquette.

I have heard countless complaints from many book bloggers and other authors about Twitter accounts set up like annoying spam bots. Here is a list of things which should help those new to Twitter:

1. Don’t set up automatic DM’s and replies. No matter what the internet marketers are telling you, setting up automatic DM’s and replies is a very bad idea. For the love of God, don’t do it. You are not the only person on Twitter and you are definitely not the only person I am following. Each time your spammy script sends a DM saying ‘Click my Facebook page! Here is my book!’ a little puppy dies. I am following over 1000 people and have over 1000 followers, I really don’t have the time to click…

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Marketing for Introverts

If you're a writer (published or unpublished), I'm sure you've heard about or experienced the difficulty of marketing a book. It's hard to draw attention to your book when there are thousands of other books competing for readers' attention. I've blogged about this topic before, so I know I'm not the only one who struggles … Continue reading Marketing for Introverts

Fear of Formatting

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” ~ Babe Ruth If you're a baseball fan, you've read this quote. If you've ever seen A Cinderella Story staring Hillary Duff you will remember this quote from the movie. It's a great quote--and we're going to use a variation of this for today's … Continue reading Fear of Formatting