Twitter Etiquette For Authors

This is a great follow up post to Facebook Etiquette for Authors. I wish I would have written this, but sadly, I’m sort of hopeless when it comes to Twitter. I’m so glad Leona put together this excellent post advising authors on the Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter. Personally, I know there are a few things I need to work on in terms of the way I interact on Twitter. I need to “talk” more and rely less on sharing links.

I agree with Leona that it’s okay to automate some of your Tweets. (For example, the moment I publish this blog post, it’s going to shoot out a link on Twitter.) But don’t automate all your posts. And if all you’re doing is dumping links, you might as well automate. This is where I need to improve on my own Twitter Etiquette.

So, I hope you enjoy Leona’s brilliant post. Please hop over to her blog to learn more about how to use Twitter.

Leona's Blog of Shadows

In the light of Tricia Drammeh’s excellent post titled Facebook Etiquette For Authors I decided to write one on Twitter etiquette.

I have heard countless complaints from many book bloggers and other authors about Twitter accounts set up like annoying spam bots. Here is a list of things which should help those new to Twitter:

1. Don’t set up automatic DM’s and replies. No matter what the internet marketers are telling you, setting up automatic DM’s and replies is a very bad idea. For the love of God, don’t do it. You are not the only person on Twitter and you are definitely not the only person I am following. Each time your spammy script sends a DM saying ‘Click my Facebook page! Here is my book!’ a little puppy dies. I am following over 1000 people and have over 1000 followers, I really don’t have the time to click…

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