Dear White People, This is What We Want You to Do

For white folks, like myself, who are sitting at home wondering what we can do to truly make a difference… well, ths post lays it out. No excuses. No more empty words. Let’s get to work.

Inside The Kandi Dish

I don’t want to hear “I can’t believe this.”

I want you to read upon the history you’ve had the privilege to ignore.

I don’t want your opinions or thoughts.

I want you to listen to the Black experiences you’ve chosen to forget.

I don’t want your #BLM Instagram story reposts.

I want screenshots of your bail out money donations and patronage of Black labor/art/knowledge.

I don’t want your passive Twitter likes.

I want you to follow Black tragedies as much as you follow Black trends.

I don’t want to vindicate your white guilt. It’s yours to reconcile.

I want you to check your racist parents and call out your apathetic white friends (especially when there are no people of color there) without expecting a pat on the back.

I don’t want your tears. I have plenty of those.

I want you to check in…

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One thought on “Dear White People, This is What We Want You to Do

  1. Thank you. I really appreciate this. I’ve been disgusted by the people I thought were my friends. Absolutely disgusted, but all I can do is hope things will get better.

    Keep smiling,


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