Ten Day Book Challenge: Day Two

Okay, it’s Day Two of the Ten Day Book Challenge! Thank you to Rami Ungar for tagging me to participate. Rami is a very talented horror author, so if you’re into that genre, please stop by his blog and check out some of his writing.

Now for the rules of the game:

  • Thank whoever nominated you with big, bold print. If they have a blog, link to the post where you got tagged there.
  • Explain the rules.
  • Post the cover of a book that was influential on you or that you love dearly.
  • Explain why.
  • Tag someone else to do the challenge, and let them know they’ve been tagged.


I started my Anne Rice addiction as most people do – by reading Interview with the Vampire. I loved the vampire gang, but The Witching Hour (for me) was a step above in terms of the writing and the world Rice created. I was in my twenties when I read this and more than Interview, The Witching Hour cemented my love of Anne Rice, but more particularly, the paranormal.

Again, I’m not going to tag any specific author to take part in this challenge. If you want to participate, please do. Leave a comment here on my blog so I can stop by and read your post.

Happy Reading!

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