How to Help an Author …

I love this article by Susan Toy! There are so many easy ways to support your creative friends. Much of this article can be applied to all form of art, not just writing.

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing

Buy/Borrow, Read, Promote to other readers
… those books you enjoy.


Never expect the author to give you a free copy. But, if they offer to do so, you shouldn’t feel you are under any obligation to either read the book or give it a rave review. Unless you truly enjoyed reading that book. (As far as I’m concerned, I’m always thrilled to death with the thought that someone else may be reading my book!)

Buying or borrowing a copy from the library is the best show of support. (And if your local library does not have the book in their collection or the bookstore doesn’t have it in stock then this is a good time to mention the book to them. Did you know that most libraries encourage their patrons to recommend books that may be added to their collections? Both print and eBooks in most cases ……

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3 thoughts on “How to Help an Author …

  1. Thank you for sharing and a wonderful quote at the end of the original blog. Regarding books I had read this quote somewhere, ‘ Those who say they have only one life to live, do not read books.”


  2. Great share! Yes, when an author likes/doesn’t like our books please share about them and review online ~ It helps us reach more people and also lets us know we’re on the right track or not xx Susan’s article has many great points


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