Summer Updates

Happy Summer, everyone! I hope you’re all staying cool. We’re going through another heatwave here in New Hampshire. To be quite honest, I’m ready for autumn. I think I’ll have to wait awhile, though.

This summer has been an odd combination of busy and lazy. Busy on the days when I can tolerate the heat, and lazy on the days I can’t. I’ve spent a great deal of time outside walking the dog. Tasha, our recently adopted Aussie mix, has kept me active and running.


I’ve also been writing here and there. Yesterday, I published the first prequel to The Spellbringers series. The Warrior is Abe’s story. Those of you who remember me from my Authonomy days might remember this story. It was the first book I workshopped on that site. It was originally titled ‘The Protector,’ but it has changed a good bit over the last few years. It’s now on Kindle and Smashwords (coming soon to other sales channels) if you’re interested.


I’ve also been working on a short story for the Ink Slingers’ Halloween Anthology. Submissions are still open until the end of August, so if you’d like to submit a story, click HERE to find out more!

In other news, I’ve got two kids in high school this year and one starting college. I don’t know how my kids got to be this grown up.

So, what have you all been up to this summer? Anyone else busy with back-to-school prep?

6 thoughts on “Summer Updates

  1. UGH! School starts tomorrow for my high school senior. He has been depressed all day. He says now that school is starting – Sundays are sucky again. Summer has been good – but went by way too fast. Of course, here we still have several more months of hot weather to put up with – and then hopefully the rains will come.
    PS. Beautiful dog!!!


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