Why I’m Mad About Self-Publishing Stigma

Fantastic post and just what I needed to read today! THIS is why I don’t tell people about my books. THIS is why when a new acquaintance asks what I do for a living, I tell them about my part time accounting job instead of my writing career into which I’ve poured my heart and soul. THIS is why I haven’t contacted local book stores and libraries. I’ve been around the indie block enough to know about “the look.”

Following a dream is an accomplishment. Thank you for the reminder.

I’m mad.

What’s worse is that what I’m mad about is truly something out of my control. There’s not a thing I can do about it except keep pushing barriers. To hold my head high and keep on keepin’ on with the rest of the crowd.

You can probably guess why I’m angry thanks to the headline. Wait – no, I’m NOT mad about self-publishing. But rather the thoughts behind self-publishing and the ideas that we’re not as good or “real” as traditionally published authors.

The publishing system isn’t broken by any means, but the stigma behind “traditional” and “indie” publishing has really gotten my goat lately.

I’m independently published, or self-published. What does that mean? It means I do not have an agent or traditional publisher backing me. It means that I’m in control of my stories, my edits, my covers, my marketing, and everything else that goes along…

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