An Epiphany

This brilliant post is by Jane Dougherty, an extremely talented novelist and poet. I love her approach to writing and promotion (or not promoting, as the case may be). I’ve been raking myself over the coals lately, berating myself for not promoting my books. This post is exactly what I needed today, and I hope it helps you too.

Jane Dougherty Writes

Today I made a decision. Not of great moment to anybody else, but important to me. I have decided that there are many important things in life, and pimping a hypothetical author platform isn’t one of them. I thought that as I watched a glorious Purple Emperor choosing a suitable flower on the promenade next to the river.

©Rosenzweig (talk) ©Rosenzweig (talk)

Usually these are the moments when I find myself teasing out the words of a poem. Not this morning. My attention was drawn from the butterfly to a pirate emerging from the riverbank clutching a bouquet of buddleia spires. He collected his crutch from beneath the mulberry tree where he’d left it and came over to have a word. The flowers were for a lady friend who had been a musician until an accident left her right arm paralysed.
He’s a lively-eyed old gentleman pirate who can talk non-stop. We…

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