Are you a writer or an author?

Jane Dougherty Writes

Since launching myself onto the turbulent waters of the book business, I have ‘met’ dozens of other new authors. Not new writers, as most of us have been writing since forever, but newly emerged as authors. It takes a certain amount of courage to ‘come out’ and admit to your secret vice. Not only admit to it, but show others, complete strangers, what you have been up to all these years.

I had years of creating babies before I turned seriously to creating something a little less stressful that wouldn’t object if I shoved it in a drawer and ignored it for a few weeks. Writing is one thing, attempting to get published is quite another. It’s at this point, I think, that a writer becomes an author. Even if you never snag an agent, or sign a publishing contract, if you want to be an author, you can self-publish…

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One thought on “Are you a writer or an author?

  1. Interesting post. I agree with the words that many of us do feel this need to create something, and that writers become authors with this need in mind. Okay, it is a want but it sure does feel like a need! Here’s to publishing our own best-sellers one day!


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