On the Right Track

I’m home from work today to tend to a sick child, so I’ve been spending some quality time with my imaginary friends. I haven’t done anything as ambitious as editing, but I’ve been able to get some writing done. Being at home is awesome!

Don’t get me wrong: sometimes amazing ideas strike while I’m on my way to work. That’s what happened yesterday…I had an awesome idea during my morning commute. It was an idea that would really make a huge difference in the direction of the story line. Or, at least I think so. The awesome, amazing idea flew out of my head the moment I pulled into parking lot at work, never to be seen or thought again.

So, today, it’s me, my sick kid, and my imaginary friends. Together, we shall create something spectacular. Some call me crazy. Or, weird. But, that’s okay. I was born this way.

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