Stuck in the Middle

It’s the worst spot imaginable. The place where I always falter. I’m stuck.

In the middle.

I wouldn’t call this writer’s block. Maybe writer’s apprehensionis a better term. I’m at a pivotal point and I’m standing on the precipice wondering if I should jump in, or take a step back. What I do here will make or break the storyline. It’s no wonder I’m treading with caution, right?

Where do I go now? Do I continue to waste my time playing with my website or checking Facebook? Or, do I put my fingers to the keyboard and forge ahead? What’s the worst that can happen if my storyline goes awry? I can always revise, rewrite, and revamp. I’ve done it before; I can do it again.

It might take a lot of work. It might take a lot out of me. That’s okay. I’ll survive it.

Anything is better than being stuck in the middle.

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