Haiku Challenge: Top and Light

This week, Ronovan Writes has offered these prompt words for his Haiku Challenge: Top & Light I wrote these two haiku in response:   1 Over mountaintops the light of a new day dawns Brilliant rays of hope 2 The light of love shines from the mountaintops to the darkest depths of sea Please visit … Continue reading Haiku Challenge: Top and Light

Poetry Challenge: Cascade

This week, Jane Dougherty's Poetry Challenge uses a form of poetry called a Cascade. This form of poetry is four stanzas of three lines. The first line becomes the last line of the second stanza. The second line is the last line of the third stanza. The third line is the final line of the fourth … Continue reading Poetry Challenge: Cascade

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: Rein & Quest

  Ronovan Writes Poetry Challenge this week offers the prompt words Rein & Quest. At first, I feared my quest to use the prompt words would be too difficult, but I managed to grasp the reins of the challenge and write two haiku. 1 Rein in your terror Fear won’t help you on your quest Now … Continue reading Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: Rein & Quest

Haiku Challenge: Dragon & Invites

It's that time of the week again. Time for Ronovan Writes' Weekly Haiku Challenge. This week's prompt words are Dragon & Invite. When I thought of dragons, I immediately thought of The Hobbit and Smaug's hoard of treasure. Dragon's golden hoard Invites the treasure-seeker to stay for dinner *

When I was Seventeen

Last night, I dreamed about time-travel. In the dream, I'd been transported back to a time where I could have made some very different choices. I had to decide whether to stay in the past where I could change the course of my life, or return to the present where I am living with the … Continue reading When I was Seventeen