Is Love Enough?

On the verge of making their engagement official, Zach and Claudia must face down their greatest adversaries – his family.

Zach and Claudia have always believed their love for each other could overcome any obstacle, but when Zach’s teenage children come for a summer visit, an unforeseen challenge threatens to destroy their love and everything they have planned for their future.

AN IMPERFECT FAMILY is now available in ebook at the following vendors:
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AN IMPERFECT FAMILY was previously released in 2018 as part of A Loving Mix anthology, but I’ve decided to re-release it as a stand-alone novella just in time for Loving Day on June 12. I’ve dedicated this book to Richard and Mildred Loving, the couple who stood up to the State of Virginia in the landmark Supreme Court case that finally made it the law of the land that interracial couples could legally marry. The Lovings were jailed and even forced to leave thier home in the state of Virginia due to racism and persecution. If it weren’t for their courage and dedication to true love, people like myself and my husband might not be married today. As you know, racism and bigotry still exist in America, which is why it is important that we undercover hatred any time we encounter it. We must stand up for love and for each other. We must celebrate love, and we must celebrate each others differences.

Black Lives Matter.

Love is Love.

Happy Pride Month, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Is Love Enough?

  1. So excited to learn about this release. Too bad I didn’t have in for Loving Day, but no worries, can’t wait to dive in. We celebrated this year by going to a local burger chain and then having local gelato. It really means a lot that we celebrated in the state where it all went down.

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    • I’m happy you were able to celebrate with your husband in the state where history was made. I’m so grateful for the Lovings.


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