The Year Isn’t Over! Embrace 2018

Today, I’m blogging over at Our Author Gang and talking about New Year’s Resolutions! Why wait until 2019 to start making all your dreams come true?

winter background with snowflakes

The Year Isn’t Over
By Tricia Drammeh
With just a few days left of 2018, most of us have shifted our attention to the holidays. Many companies (excluding retail) practically shut down between Christmas and New Year’s. A lot of people take vacation from their jobs toward the end of the year so they can travel to see family or catch up on last minute holiday preparation. It’s almost like we’re all living in a frost-covered snow globe, insulated from the “real world” where credit card bills don’t come due until “next year” and life revolves around the frantic rush to buy gifts, wrap presents, and make everything absolutely perfect for the holidays.

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