Reblog: A New Puppy for the Holidays


We’re all familiar with the classic Holiday movie scene where a small child joyfully discovers his most cherished gift beneath the Christmas tree: an adorable puppy (or kitten) with a big red bow around its neck. A new puppy for Christmas!

I’ve always wondered, when watching such a scene play out on television or the big screen, how the parents managed to pull off such a feat. Now that I have dogs and cats of my own, I view this type of scene from an increasingly skeptical point of view.

Here’s the reality: Once that big red bow is removed, that adorable kitten is going to run to the top of your Christmas tree, sending ornaments crashing to the ground. The cute puppy will likely piddle on the Christmas tree skirt or chew up one of Junior’s brand new toys. The challenges of adopting a new animal, especially around the holidays when life is already chaotic and busy, can sometimes prove to be too much to handle….

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3 thoughts on “Reblog: A New Puppy for the Holidays

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