I’m extremely late in posting my poem for NaPoWriMo. After working all day, I rushed home to take my dog to her appointment at the veterinarian. Nothing major – just a routine annual visit. Well, routine for me. Not so much for Tasha, who loathes the vet’s office. After having a couple of vaccinations and enduring the indignity of having her ears examined, she was anxious, unhappy, and exhausted. I wrote this rather silly cinquain as a tribute to her bravery. My little warrior will sleep well tonight!


She retreats to
Rest inside her fortress
She has lost the battle but not
The war


4 thoughts on “Battle-weary

    • I don’t blame Finbar one bit! Tasha is pretty good about allowing me and my son to clean her ears, but she won’t let the vet near them. Today, she seems to have forgotten all about the nasty vet visit. She’s back to her usual happy self.


      • Tasha knows not to let bad memories fester 🙂 Finbar loves the vet and never wants to leave. He lies down under her desk and has to be dragged to the door. But he won’t let her near his ears or his feet. She can maul him about anywhere else, and he’s been on the operating table to be stitched up often enough—but no ears or feet touchy!


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