Another Monday

Today’s NaPoWriMo offering incorporates part of Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge. The challenge words this week are joy and chagrin. I cheated and only used one word – a variation of the word ‘joy.’ Mondays are generally anything but joyful, and I think this poem expresses that.


Photo credit: “Chained Businessman” by Sira Amanwong @


Another Monday
bleeds into an endless stream
of pointless workdays

Joyless feet shuffle
down a path of dying dreams
closer to their doom

Half-hearted pledges
and plans of maybe next year
when things have settled

They keep marching on
ants chasing that elusive
poisoned picnic lunch

When the dark truth dawns
they fall to their knees and cry
I’ve wasted my life


I’ve been employed for over thirty years. I’m certain I have another thirty years of work ahead of me. My workplace is nice. I work with a lovely group of people. I think I’m just getting tired of leaving my house every day to work for someone else. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about pursuing a different career. I’m sure most authors can agree that book sales alone do not pay the bills and allow you to live comfortably. I’ve also been editing quite regularly, and though the money is helpful, it still isn’t enough to allow me to quit my day job. “One of these days I’ll find something else,” I often say. Maybe that time is now!



One thought on “Another Monday

  1. I love this poem Tricia, or also, I love these 5 haiku, whichever they are calling out to walk away from bondage to freedom. I can vouch that the day one is free of the work routine is the best day, it takes years to settle though.

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