A challenge to all Readers …

Here’s a fun challenge for readers and authors. Susan Toy is a blogger and author who is constantly encouraging others to read and share to their love of reading. When was the last time you told a friend about a book you loved? Have you ever written a fan letter to an author? Personally, I love the idea about writing a letter to a new-to-you author. I’ve received fan letters and there is nothing in the world that compares. I need to do the same. A few words telling an author how much I love their work could mean all the difference to that person.

Let me add to Susan’s challenge: If you loved a book, why not buy a copy (or a few) and give it as a holiday gift to friends or family members who might enjoy it as much as you did? I love receiving books as gifts, not just paperbacks, but ebooks too!

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Earlier in the summer, I wrote and posted this to my blog: Why not read books simply because they’re well-written?

Then I asked Chris Graham, aka The Story Reading Ape, to create three memes that promoted three of the ideas I’d covered in this post: Ask for a meme …

For the purpose of this challenge, I want to focus on the suggestion in one of these memes …


Why not, indeed?

I recently began following two Facebook pages that were set up for the benefit of Readers. The gist of both sites was an exchange of reading recommendations and a place where readers could find out what they might want to read next. On the one site, there were a lot of rules posted restricting Indie Authors as to how much they could self-promote. Understandably so. However, authors were also restricted from posting links to our own blogs, and…

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