The Light is Gone


Tonight’s poem comes from Jane Dougherty’s Weekly Poetry Challenge. This week’s challenge was to write a trilonnet inspired by the photograph above. She’s asked participants to begin our poems with “The light is gone.” Well, I can’t say my poem has much to do with the lovely photo, but here’s what I’ve come up with:

The Light is Gone

The light is gone, the sun has set
and once again I’m all alone
I’ve no choice but to wait for you

It’s the longest night I’ve seen yet
I yearn for you to come back home
but there is nothing I can do

There is so much that I regret
I blame myself each time you roam
to share a bed with someone new

The sun comes up without you here
The light’s forever gone, I fear

Please stop by Jane’s blog to read the other entries:

4 thoughts on “The Light is Gone

  1. You say you struggled with this form, but I think that’s to be expected. You have to work hard at these things to make more of them than a simple exercise. You want a poem! The struggle doesn’t show, just the flow of feeling. Melancholy and despairing.

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