Poetry challenge: Dreaming trees

Jane Dougherty’s weekly roundup of poetry challenge participants. Her blog, as always, is definitely worth a visit.

Jane Dougherty Writes

It’s poetry round up day and another crop of lovely poems. First though, I’m posting the link to a late arrival for the previous challenge, the message in a bottle. Thanks Pat—better late than never 🙂


Here the entries for this week’s kyrielle challenge in order of arrival.

Sarah from the south west with a lovely, uplifting poem about the untold possibilities of a shared future.

Moonlight Kyrielle | fmme writes poems

Sri with an intriguing refrain line that makes me think the trees and the moonlight might not be in agreement with the poet’s hopes and wishes.


Kat Myrman reflecting on life’s journey and the importance of living it well, and not accumulating regrets.

Lone Journey | like mercury colliding…

An new contributor, Fantasy Raconteur, whose name I’m afraid I don’t know 😦 with a poem that captures the unsettling and rather hostile atmosphere of those moonlit…

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