Tricia Drammeh – Reading Recommendation Revisited

I’m thrilled to be featured on Reading Recommendations today! Thank you so much, Susan, for hosting me once again.

Reading Recommendations

Tricia Drammeh was first featured on Reading Recommendations in Oct. 2014, then a second time in Apr. 2015. Tricia maintains a terrific promotional blog, Authors To Watch, where she has not only featured me and my writing a number of times, but also regularly reblogs other author promotions I’ve posted to Reading Recommendations. She writes informative and interesting blogposts dealing with issues of interest to all authors on subjects such as writing, promotion, using social media, and self-publishing. I’ve long considered her to be one of my favourite bloggers, and so since we first connected I have been consulting with Tricia offline on various ideas and thoughts we’ve both had about this business. We’ve even collaborated on more than a few blog posts, seeking each others’ counsel, editing, and advice while writing. Tricia Drammeh is an extremely supportive fellow writer! Plus I also consider her to…

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