Reading Recommendations Anniversary Celebration #RR2ndAnniversary

Susan Toy is a blogger, a talented author, and a friend to writers everywhere. When I found out it was the second anniversary of her Reading Recommendations blog, I jumped at the chance to be part of the celebration.

Susan has promoted numerous authors and their books on Reading Recommendations. Her posts are Tweeted, shared, and reblogged by dozens of authors who remember and appreciate the help she has given them in the past. As her circle of supporters has grown, her blog’s reach has expanded. She has truly built a community.

In addition to supporting writers on Reading Recommendations, she also provides invaluable help by writing informative articles on her other blog, Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing. As an industry professional, Susan has accumulated years of knowledge which she generously shares with other writers. She has blogged about author etiquette, editing, book reviews, marketing, and many other topics, all the while continuing to promote her fellow authors. Susan does all this without expectation of anything in return.

Over the past two years, Reading Recommendations has given authors a platform to display their work. And during that time, Susan has inspired other authors and bloggers to follow her example by reaching out and getting involved in the community. More and more authors are promoting their friends. Increasing numbers of authors are offering to host other writers on their own blogs. Thanks to Susan, the writing community has become a better place.

If you would like to participate in the anniversary fun on Facebook, click here to join the party:

You can also use the hashtag #RR2ndAnniversary to join the fun on Twitter!

As a way to help celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Reading Recommendations, I would like to give away a Kindle copy of one of my ebooks, winner’s choice. Comment on this post to be entered into the drawing!

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