Adan Ramie on Being an Indie Writer

YES to all of this!

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Adan Ramie, author of Maladaptation, andConsuming Darkness is a pal of mine, and I asked her to say a few things about being an indie writer.


Hold Your Head Up, Indies
“I’m only an indie author. It’s no big deal.”

Those are my words, said to an acquaintance who asked about what I had been up to lately. The words bounced off the insides of my skull like an old bucket down a well. They rang empty and false. In an effort to avoid hubris, I chose self-deprecating humility, and it felt all wrong. It sent the wrong message, not only to the listener, but to myself. Is it really no big deal to be an indie author?

The Humble Indie
For a long time, there was this black cloud over indie publishing that said it was something to be avoided. That’s where failed authors went to lick…

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