26 thoughts on “Five Easy Ways to Declutter your Email

  1. I made similar changes not that long ago. It just gets to be too much. I was spending more time sorting email than writing! Now if I could just figure out how to get rid of all the spam I’ve been getting since I used some of those “free” promo sites!

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    • Hi Kate! I waas still subscribed to NPR in St Louis, even though I haven’t lived there for almost two years. There were two homeschooling newsletters I signed up for, but the kid I used to homeschool is now in college. There was a lot of clutter, not all of it spam. Some was just stuff I no longer need or the kids outgrew.

      Unfortunately, I also unsubscribed from Awesome Gang, Freebooksy, and other free book sites I signed up for long ago. I used to just delete the emails unread, thinking I might use their sites again one day. I figure I can always subscribe later on if I want to. For now, I’m enjoying a much cleaner inbox.

      If you unsubscribe from those free promo sites, it should eliminate the spam. It usually takes a few days to kick in, but if you’re still receiving emails, I’d go ahead and report them as spam. Good luck!


  2. Thanks for the tips.. Luckily I have a Go-Phone without Internet capability so I don’t get any notifications, but my husband used to go nutty over all the notifications and dingings and flashing of little blue lights on his telephone. I disabled all of that. It is much quieter on the phone front now. I still need to go through and minimize the number of emails, but I am afraid if I do that then I will not know when my favorite bloggers post. But I think I have figured a way around that. In my Reader I set up a “Favorite Blog” file where I can see all of them and I am not going through the main Reader to find them. Seems to work well.

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    • That’s a great idea! I didn’t know the Reader had that feature. I’ve just been scrolling through. I still receive notifications on a daily basis for some of my blogs. Not every blog I follow is WordPress, and since I don’t want to miss out, I didn’t want to unsubscribe. I also continue to get author newsletters, but I enjoy reading them. Just eliminating the shopping sites and spam helped tremendously.

      I like the point you made about the phone. I used to have a no-fuss phone, but got an iPhone about a year ago. Now I feel plugged in all the time, and while it’s neat being able to check email when I’m away from home, it also creates a feeling that I’m constantly on call. My oldest son’s phone broke a couple of weeks ago and he borrowed mine until he got a replacement. I went four days without my iPhone and I didn’t miss it at all!!!

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      • I know what you mean. Sometimes I am really adventurous and leave the phone at home. But that has repercussions, because my family freaks out if they cannot get in touch with me. But I like it, because it means they can’t call me while I am out and tell me to stop at the grocery store – which I hate!!!!. There are certainly plusses to not being connected all the time.


    • Daily notifications were great when I was able to visit blogs every day. Right now, I’m not able to do that. I only visit blog a couple of times a week. It’s easy for those daily emails to get lost in the shuffle, and then I end up missing out.

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  3. Thanks for this. My gmail sorts out the ads but I still get a hundred or more emails a day from blogs I follow (many of them comments from other bloggers) or try to. I now make it a goal to reply to these blogs once or twice a week only. I can’t possibly read everything, so I’ve had to get selective.


  4. I went through and deleted hundreds of emails – some of which are over two years old – that I had saved to “do something with”. My inbox now has 16 messages in it (6 of which are brand new and five of which are links I mailed myself that I need in the next couple of weeks/days). All my blog subscriptions automatically go to my “social” tab on gmail, but I have a new policy – if they sit for more than four or five days – delete. I have good intentions but not enough time and hoarding up blog posts from people for months is stupid – if I haven’t hit the blog in a reasonable amount of time, I’m not going to.
    I actually don;t get notifications on my phone – I use gmail in a tab on mobile chrome – and I shut most of my facebook alerts off back with the confederate flag meltdown – I do still get notices of someone directly replies to me and half time from facebook messenger (it’s iffy LOL!) but YES! getting rid of those notices made things so much freer, and deleting all those old messages made me feel so much better about my inbox.


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