Sweet Sorrow – Tricia Drammeh

I’m doing a happy dance right now! Such an awesome review of Sweet Sorrow. Thank you, Jo!

Jo's Random Book Reviews

Tricia Drammeh is one of my favorite authors because she writes awesome books, and this story was no exception.

Rowan harbors a tragic past; one night changed her life from a cheerful drama girl into a fearful zombie. After months of “dropping out” of the world, the senior play entices her to come back – just in time to notice Eddie, a hot senior football player who has trouble of his own. When she lands the part of Juliet to his Romeo she’s ecstatic, but is he really the bad boy everyone thinks he is, or has he just gotten a rough deal being one of the few poor students in a rich school?

Tricia’s ability to write real characters continues to astound me. Rowan, Eddie, her father, any one of these people could walk right out of the pages and drop into the world next to you and fit…

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