The past two days, I’ve been working on the sequel to The Seance. It’s the first time in over a month that I’ve done any significant writing. It’s probably because I’m practically housebound due to our third winter storm in only two weeks.


It’s our second winter living in New England. Last year we thought the snow was “neat” and “fun.” Now we just want it to go away.

Yesterday, we used a roof rake for the first time. For those of you who don’t live in the frozen north, a roof rake is used to scrape accumulating snow off your roof before it collapses. Between shoveling, roof-scraping, and struggling to run errands in slushy, snowy, hazardous road conditions, I’ve found time to write.

Today, I tried to take a few pictures of the snow. Forgive my bad photography and poor phone-camera quality. I hope these pics will give you some perspective of what we’ve been dealing with this winter. It’s been a challenge!

Help! We lost our backyard.

Help! We lost our backyard.


It’s a great day to play outside. Swing set, anyone?




The snow is slowly taking over.

The snow is slowly taking over.

The snow has almost reached the top of the fence

The snow has almost reached the top of the fence

snow selfie

Snow Selfie!


And a few pictures from when we visited the seacoast a week ago…

snowcase 3

kady on the beach

snow covered island

snow on the beach

And a picture of what the cats are doing while the humans are taking care of snow removal…



23 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse

  1. I have a friend who lives in Plymouth, MA, where I grew up – so I’ve been getting twice daily weather reports. It looks discouraging for the rest of the week. The first year we lived in Chicago, it snowed 96 inches over the course of a month, M husband was up on the roof, tied to the chimney because it was a two story house, roof raking and smashing the ice with a hammer.
    Good luck, my dear!

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  2. Cats are smart!. They realize no sane mammal should be out in that type of weather. They look very cozy.
    My sympathies from sunny California. Used to live in Wyoming. One time we were stuck in our house out on the plains for 3 days until we were rescued by our neighbors with a snowmobile. At that point I realized why the pioneers risked life and limb to make it to the West Coast (the jump off point for that trek was Cheyenne). Hope it warms up for you soon. Could you send some of that precipitation our way, please? We could really use it.

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    • I’d love to send some precipitation your way! It’s been a crazy winter for everyone. Some people haven’t had any snow, while up here in New England, we’re getting slammed. I have to admit, I’m a little jealous you’re in California. My oldest son was living in San Diego up until last November. He used to surf every day. Now he’s snowboarding.

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  3. That is a lot of snow and the photos are incredible.

    I recall living in the DC metro area when it experienced a snow apocalypse. A year later, I moved to Florida and I enjoy the warm although cold by our standards, with temps in the 50’s or 60’s at night.

    I sympathize with you as this snowapocalypse will pass and just think, in Six months it will be 95 degrees and humid. You have shelter, warmth, and most important the cats are happy, so think warm thoughts and all this will pass.

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