#Authors #Marketing Yourself and Your Work Part FOUR

Part Four in Susan Toy’s marketing series is now available to read on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog. Whether or traditionally published or self-published, this post is full of practical advice. Marketing your book is about forging relationships – contacting booksellers, striking up friendships with bloggers and other authors, working with your publicist (if you have one) to get the word out about your book. After reading this post, I see areas where I can take positive steps toward better marketing my books. Thanks, Susan, for this amazing series. And thank you, Chris, for hosting Susan on your wonderful blog.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


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The following is an extract from a talk delivered at the Calgary Public Library in Feb. 2011.

Part 4

Okay, now you’ve completed the further editing, the proofs have been approved, and it’s just a matter of waiting for the printer to produce and ship your book. So, what’s been happening at the publishing house all this time? The main thing they’ve been up to is preparing for, and holding, sales conferences for their sales reps. A catalogue page for your book should have been completed and posted online. Be sure to link to this page on your own blogsite, and direct anyone to it who asks about your book. The reps have been told about you, and they have discussed how they can best sell your book to booksellers, libraries, wholesalers and specialty markets. Some of them may have even read the manuscript. If at all…

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