8 Ways to Make People on Twitter Want to Stab Us IN THE FACE

Exactly this!!! Kristen Lamb is a genius. Tip #4 is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you use True Twit, or a similar service, stop right now. Just stop.

I’ve been guilty of 5 and 8 to some extent. I go on huge retweeting/link sharing sprees and forget to create original, engaging content.

Before you use Twitter, please read this excellent article.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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One would think a lot of what I teach about social media (Twitter) would be self-explanatory, but hey…we live in a world where a box of frozen corn dogs has a warning that I need to REMOVE the corn dogs from the box BEFORE placing in oven. Hell, who KNEW?

As a social media expert, I run into all kinds of strange behavior and tips that make me scratch my head. Social media is social, meaning it’s supposed to be an extension of how we might interact with other human beings in person. Today’s post (obviously) is tongue-and-cheek, but humor can be the best teacher even if we’ve oopsed.

Tip #1—Only Use Automation

Writing a 140 characters is SUPER time-consuming. We aren’t Jack London. Besides, people LOVE talking to robots. I know when I feel lonely, I call AT&T because I know a human being will NEVER…

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