Thanksgiving Stay at Home and Shop Sale

If you’re looking for a bargain this Thanksgiving, look no further! You can shop for ebooks from the comfort of your living room. The ebooks listed below are part of the “Thanksgiving Stay at Home and Shop Sale” and are listed for only $0.99 or are FREE. Here’s what we’ve got to offer:


Gingerbread Castle by DM Yates
genre: Childrens
A holiday rhyme book for children ages 7 to 9 about a magical castle found only in dreamland.


Better than Perfect by Tricia Drammeh
genre: New Adult
When Karlie’s world is invaded by two surly twins bound for criminal court, a too-good-to-be-true love interest, and a cute cop who keeps showing up at the most inopportune moments, she can either fight against the changes in her life, or embrace them.
 Finding Father by Susan C Foy
genre:Christian Romance
Kendra, a young single mother, finds a new home and a circle of new Christian friends. But her new life leads her directly into the path of the one person she has despised and feared since their first encounter years ago.  Can she make peace with the past without risk to herself or her daughter?
Street Justice Charlie’s Angel by Samantha Fury
genre: Christian Romance
Charlie’s ends up on the streets of Chicago. A place where crime lords and women of the night come out to play. Charlie finds herself at the mercy of Rico DeLusa, a local crime king. When she begins having feelings for one of Rico’s employees, Angel Blackwell, she wonders if she’s out of her element. She needs the strength to overcome, the wisdom to make the right choices, and the insight to follow what is right Instead of listening to her heart

Christian Fiction:

Times of Turmoil – The End Times Saga Book 1 by Cliff Ball
genre:Christian Fiction
In this first novel in The End Times Saga (prequel to Times of Trouble and Times of Trial), we follow how the Evans family gained their riches and eventually their power to influence events in the United States.
The Boys Upstairs by Jane Lebak
genre:Christian Fiction
A jaded police officer is desperate to save three homeless children a few nights before Christmas, with temperatures below zero and falling, but the only one he can turn to is his estranged brother, a crippled priest.


Always by DM Yates
genre:Fantasy Romance
Two eternal beings travel to Earth to experience life in mortal form hoping to find each other and fall in love in this epic emotional tale.
The Lone Hero by DM Yates
genre: Fantasy
Einarr is chosen to end the dragon war on their home planet of Aberforth but it will take most of his lifetime to try. In the meantime, he discovers friends and family he never had before.
Shades of Gray by Joleene Naylor
genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Join Katelina as she falls into a world of night; no sparkling here, just plenty of blood and violence, the way vampires were meant to be.
Vampire Morsels by Joleene Naylor
genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Seventeen short stories from the world of Amaranthine; a universe of blood and darkness where vampires don’t sparkle and night is eternal.
Legacy of Ghosts by Joleene Naylor
genre: Paranormal Fantasy
The second book in the Amaranthine series. Can jorick and Katelina overcome their past and forge a future, or will they loose themselves to old ghosts and older guilt?
The Protector by Mark Mathews
genre: fantasy
Barrett, the sorceress Letha. and their companions, now follow the trail of the key, seeking to gain its control before it falls into evil hands. Meanwhile, the malicious enchantress Basath also pursues the treasure in hopes of releasing unspeakable abhorrent beings upon the world while having the evil god Baris bestow demi-god powers upon her as reward.
The Calling by Mark Mathews
genre: Fantasy
Far to the East, the evil Wizard Ormalt begins his conquest of Cerulian. But fate shall intervene in the form of an unassuming, scholarly boy named Hartman. Now, in a clandestine meeting, the two must engage in magical combat, while the fate of their world hangs precariously in the balance.

Young Adult:

 Spellbound by Tricia Drammeh
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal YA
Danger, secrets, and betrayal collide, and when a Demon makes his claim, the small, southern town of Oaktree becomes a battleground. On sale for only $0.99
Freshman Phenom
genre: Sports YA
The first book in The Will Stover Sports Series, “Freshman Phenom” will be on sale for 99 cents on Thursday and Friday.


Stepping Stones by DM Yates
genre: Poetry
An eclectic collection of poems done mostly in rhyme.


Rachel’s Story by Sherry Chamblee
genre: Women’s fiction/Historical
Katie Brown enjoys Eldercare, but knows it’s a mistake to get involved when she could be transferred at any time. Then one day she hears of a missing manuscript, written by Granny’s own mother decades ago. As an aspiring writer, Katie is fascinated, and sets out to find it.


The Essential Fiverr Buyer’s Guide by Dina Eisenberg JD
genre: How To Non-Fiction
Authors spend your time writing, not working on your book platform! $.99 The Essential Fiverr Buyer’s Guide teaches you to harness the power of Fiverr for your microbusiness! Have someone create your social media conent & post for you! Need an author website quickly? Learn how to effectively use outsourcing.Pre-order now to big bonuses that compliment the book!
How To Turn Your Crafts Into Ca$h by Peter Draggon
genre: How To Non-Fiction
If you ever wanted to turn your hobby into income, you are just 99¢ away from making it happen! Be sure to pick up “How To Turn Your Crafts Into Ca$h while it is on sale November 28-30.
The Online Dating Quick Guide by Peter Draggon
genre: Self Help Non-Fiction
You are just a few days (and 99¢) away from finding a date…maybe even the person of your dreams! Reviews are appreciated
How to Bake the Best Delicious Fudge For All Seasons by Kim Lambert
 genre: Cookbook
Do you have a sweet tooth? Would you love to have amazing fudge to share for Christmas ? Is a melt in your mouth, delicious fudge the stuff of your dreams ? Learn how to easily make delicious fudge, with amazing flavours and textures, in your kitchen today.
Escort Sex: How to Engage the Service of an Escort by Peter Draggon
genre: Adult How To Non-Fiction
If you are dealing with the loss of intimacy through illness or the passing of a spouse or significant other, this book may be for you. Just 99¢ November 28-30…save $3.00 now!
Online Sex and Dating Sites by Peter Draggon
genre: Adult List Non-Fiction
If you’ve been looking for friendship, dating, or something a “little more,” then pick this book up while it is on sale November 28-30 for just 99¢. Miss the deadline? No problem, still on sale through December 5 at big savings. MATURE SUBJECT FOR AGES 18+.
Online Sex and Dating Success by Peter Draggon
genre: Self-Help Adult Non-Fiction
Have you been throwing money at dating sites and getting nothing in return? That all ends today…pick up Online Sex and Dating Success while it is on sale November 28-30 for just 99¢.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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