Forget selling. Focus on #writing.

“Forget about learning to flog books, instead concentrate on learning to write better and harder and with more soul.” Inspiration with a healthy dose of reality. This is a terrific post by M T McGuire!

M T McGuire Authorholic

A while back, I read this post, on Chuck Wendig’s blog and it got me thinking.

The basic gist is that there are gatekeepers for every writer. While, with indie publishing, it’s fairly easy to get your book out there, it gets much harder after publication than it is for trad published authors because most of the gates indies must go through turn up after the book is published.  So you get things like review sites that won’t touch anything self published; different gate, different place in the process but it’s still there. He explains how completely saturated the market is and links to an article from a fellow who has 150 books each day sent to his review magazine from trad publishers alone – which is why it only accepts trad pubbed books.

The message of Chuck’s article is, basically: there are gatekeepers in any part of the…

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One thought on “Forget selling. Focus on #writing.

  1. Oh so true! The worst writing comes about by bleary eyed exhausted writers who are so ground down by the selling process that they’ve lost their creative spark. You simply can’t be both an ace writer and an ace marketer/seller/promoter etc. I know which I’d rather be. 😀

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