Do you ever feel invisible?

Here’s one author’s take on the frustration of trying to market a book. I’ve read several articles lately by authors who are having the same trouble. Marketing can seem like a pointless task, so what’s the answer? Do we wait for readers to find us? Or do we participate in the mad scramble for visibility? I’ve decided to take a break from promotion while I focus on writing and editing. My approach might not sell any books, but I’m feeling more relaxed than I have in a long time.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kate Jack’s work, I highly recommend both her blog and her books. Her blog is very informative. Her books are incredible works of urban fantasy which I believe most readers would enjoy. Please take a few moments to visit Kate’s blog. It’s time well spent.

9 thoughts on “Do you ever feel invisible?

  1. Good share, Tricia. I appreciated the honesty of the writer with this post. I have also had it where the person wants me to follow them on a social network and then once I do so that same person unfollows me. I mean, really?! Also, I think it’s not too much to suggest a read swap and actually it’s totally a good thing!


  2. It’s difficult to actually advertise your own work. It’s easier to join groups of writers who are promoting their own stuff. I enjoy the company of other writers. I enjoy reading the work of my peers.

    But that doesn’t get my books in the hands of readers.

    We are invisible to the people we want to reach, otherwise we are just faces in a crowd.

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    • I think that’s the million dollar question – How do we get our books in the hands of readers? Networking with other authors is a must. Only other authors know our struggles. If it wasn’t for my author friends, I would have lost my mind long ago. How do we become visible to readers? I wish I knew.


      • I keep thinking about book clubs – finding them and getting the word out to them. Also teachers and librarians’ read a lot, but librarians aren’t as interested in Indie books as teachers appear to be.


          • Do that! I’ve also walked up to people at our local street fair on Second Saturday, business cards in hand, and asked each person if they like to read. If they said yes, I handed them a card and talked about my books.

            Once it paid off and I sold 7 books. Mostly I get a spike of e-book sales about 2 weeks later. It’s not much, but it’s better than tweeting.


  3. It’s just damn hard out there and getting harder. There is such a sea of material out there, it makes us invisible to the reader and everyone else. Very hard to stand out from the crowd without antagonising a lot of people by being too brash and showy. I do think actually getting out there is the key, social media is all well and good, but it doesn’t really equate to sales, to actual books in readers hands. What marks you out from the crowd, is getting out there, going to conventions to sell your books and meet the public, doing signings, supporting local bookshops who will then support you. It’s not easy and it can be too time demanding and too expensive, but if you can swing it, it does work. 90% of my sales, two years ago when my old book was available, was through me getting out and doing bookshop signings etc., and when my new book (new & better edition of old book) is re-published, I shall be trying to do all that again! But yes, it is VERY difficult and only getting worse! 😦


      • It is incredibly hard out there, isn’t it? And like the rest of us, I’ve noticed how it seems to be getting harder every year. HUGE good luck sweetie, you are a brilliant writer, I have many of your books to attest to that!

        Ahhh, thank you SO much! I may be cheeky and ask you to copy your lovely review onto it when it comes out! 😀 xxx


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