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I’ve been invited to participate in the Work in Progress blog hop by Juliet B. Madison, author of the popular and well-reviewed crime series which follows DI Frank Lyle. In order to participate, I must link back to her excellent blog which you can find HERE, answer a series of questions, and nominate other participants (which I will do at the end of this post). Here are the questions:

What is the (working) title of your featured WIP?

Firebound: Book Two in the Spellbringers series.

fireboundraw (5)

What genre does your book come into?

Young adult paranormal romance.

Provide a short blurb or an idea of what the book is about.

Rachel’s thirst for knowledge about the family she never knew drives her to keep a secret from the Alexanders that shatters Jace’s trust in her. With her renewed dream-relationship with Re’Vel, she walks on a razor’s edge, putting the entire Alexander family – and Alisa – in terrible danger.

Alisa and Bryce are more in love than ever, but his jealousy and possessiveness threatens to push Alisa away. With his Claiming Words ringing in Alisa’s ears, she tries to reconcile her sense of independence with her desperate yearning for Bryce.

A dark enemy from the Alexanders’ past is out for vengeance and uses Rachel as his target to get to the family he despises. When Alisa is caught in the crossfire, Bryce is willing to sacrifice anything to save her – even his own soul.

Is your book part of a series? If so what is the series called and what volume number is your featured WIP within this series?

Yes. This is book two in the Spellbringers series (formerly titled The Claiming Words series).

Who is your MC and what do you think is his/her greatest challenge in the featured book?

This book is written from alternating POVs from the two main characters, Rachel and Alisa. Rachel faces several serious challenges–discovering the truth about her past, an identity crisis of epic proportions, trying to keep secrets from her family and friends, and trying to keep her brother safe not only from the truth, but from the Demon who claims his magic.

Alisa is struggling with self-esteem issues while trying to find balance in her relationship with Bryce. Since Bryce is magically gifted and extraordinarily powerful, Alisa is at a distinct disadvantage. She is determined to maintain a sense of independence even while she’s falling head over heels in love.

What do you think is the most important lesson your MC will learn as a result of this book?

Rachel will learn the dangers of keeping secrets. She’ll also learn to accept help when it’s offered. Alisa will learn the meaning of true courage.

What social issues does your book series touch on/avoid and why?

This book is fantasy, but it does explore racism and prejudice.

Will you be writing any more books about this particular MC?

Yep. Firebound is almost complete. Just doing a quick rewrite and a tuneup before I unleash it on the unsuspecting public. Book three (Unbound) is next in line for a major makeover. There are other books, but they’re in bad shape. I might scrap them and start all over.

Have you written in other genres or do you plan to do so in future?

I’ve written teen horror, new adult romance, and literary fiction. Since I seem to have a hard time finding a genre and sticking with it, who knows what the future might hold?

When do you think your featured WIP will be released?

I’m shooting for September. Early September if I can manage it. I released Spellbound (Book One) a couple of weeks ago. (Surprised? Yeah, that’s because I didn’t tell anyone. Well, until now.) If edits go well, I might be able to eek out Firebound a little sooner.


Okay, folks. Now I’m going to break the rules just a bit. Since I’ve already tagged authors in other posts similar to this one, I’m going to tag a few authors I haven’t picked on in a while, but I’m going to leave the invitation open to everyone. For those who would like to participate, please feel free to do so. The more, the merrier, right?

Tag, you’re it…

Maegan Provan

Jane Dougherty

Gregory A Hart

Please stop by and visit these amazing bloggers. And don’t forget to visit Juliet B Madison!

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