Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Find Your People


Hello, everyone! Today is the first Wednesday of the month, and you know what that means. It’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Today I want to talk about the best way to fight your insecurities and fears. Find Your People.

Everyone, even introverts like myself, have people. Friends. Family. Co-workers. Whatever. There are lots of people in our lives who we rely on for different things and who rely on us as well. As writers, we need to find our people–writerly people who form a community of people we can rely on. Critique groups, Facebook groups, writer’s forums–there are lots of ways to find a sense of community.

When I began writing four years ago, it was a completely solitary endeavor. I had no beta readers, no one to talk craft with, no one with whom to share my struggles. It was several months before I discovered there were other like me–new writers who didn’t know what they were doing, but were determined to do anything to reach their dreams. I joined a local writer’s group, but because of my work schedule and family obligations, I wasn’t able to attend many meetings. When I stumbled upon Authonomy, I finally found the perfect place to interact with other writers. There was always something going on in the forums, always a friendly writer to give advice and encouragement. Through this site, I made lasting friendships I treasure. I haven’t been on Authonomy in ages, but I’m still in contact with most of the people I met there. We send emails, hang out on Facebook, comment on each others’ blog posts, and provide the sort of support that is essential to anyone who wants to be a writer.

So what’s my point? Find some writer friends. Join some groups. There are dozens of places out there where you can connect with writers. ISWG, Authonomy, She Writes, Absolute Write Water Cooler, Facebook groups, and many others. If you’re an insecure writer like most of us are, you’re not alone. Find other insecure writers, find writers who will lift you up, find writers who will give you honest critique and who will tell you the cold, hard truth. Gather a group of friends. Join a community. Find your people.


13 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Find Your People

  1. I know people like to bash on autho for one reason or another, but the friends I made there (including you!) are some of the best I’ve ever had, and I am so glad I joined. 🙂


    • Oh, yes. Autho had its disadvantages, but I’ll never regret the time I spent there. I met you, Kate, Lisa, Michel, and too many other authors to name. Now we’ve taken our “group” to Facebook and blogs, but I think the bond is stronger than ever.


      • I agree. I think Facebook has been great for keeping in touch, and it’s much easier to use than autho, though I’m interested to see how things will work after the redesign launches.


  2. I started in a fan fic group that was great but we drifted and the first few writers groups I joined were awful- all drama and such- so now I sort of stumble on people Lol! Luckily my brother and mother write so I always had someone to yack to on many aspects of it.


  3. I have some good mates from autho, also acquaintances who I run into from time to time, Goodreads is brilliant and actually blogging is pretty good too. I tend to find someone I like and trust and then I just leech into their social circle and start getting to know their friends. I guess I’m some kind of social parasite. I have Will to thank for you lot.




  4. So true! And thanks to the interwebs, finding other writers is easier than ever. I wrote for many years without knowing any other writers. It was a drag! Bookstores & libraries were my only proof that other folks shared my compulsion. I am so grateful for all the online connections I have made with other writers. 🙂


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