When all’s been said

I absolutely had to reblog this beautiful poem by Jane Dougherty. There’s such raw emotion here. Anyone who has ever suffered through the crumbling of a relationship can certainly relate to this. If you aren’t already, please hop over to Jane’s blog, follow it, and read what she has to offer. Hers is easily one of the best blogs out there.

Jane Dougherty Writes

December 11, 2007 Ice Storm

When all’s been said that can be said
And words no longer have a sense
But fall like stones from a hollow sky
I shrink behind my last defence.

The heart that once was opened wide
Its secrets spread beneath your feet
Is closed against your careless tread
The scattered bones of my defeat.

I would not have you see my pain
That fills my mouth with a silent scream
For what is lost is dead as dust
There is no cure for a broken dream.

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