Author Spotlight: Tricia Drammeh

Thanks, Maria, for featuring me on your fantastic blog.

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Bio: Tricia Drammeh is a wife and mother of four children who lives in New Hampshire. Her published works include The Seance, The Claiming Words and The Fifth Circle. She is currently working on her seventh novel. When Tricia isn’t writing, she can be found devouring books, interviewing up-and-coming authors, and drinking vast amounts of coffee.


What all have you written? Include everything: The first book I wrote and published was The Claiming Words, the first book in a YA fantasy/paranormal series about two girls who become entangled in magic when a new family moves to town. I’ve also written The Séance, a YA horror novel about a girl who performs a séance and accidentally summons a demon. The Fifth Circle is a stand-alone novel geared toward older teens.

Where can we buy or see them?: Links to my books can be found on my website: or…

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2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Tricia Drammeh

  1. What I wrote:

    Great interview! Tricia has always had the most amazing talent at putting her fantasies into irresistible stories. She is one of my favorite people because the magical three-year-old in her speaks and writes with adult(ish) words.


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