Agents Stalk Us Too

Getting ready to query? Read this first.



All querying writers research potential agents.
Oh? You don’t? tsk tsk
What a naughty, naughty writer.

Submission guidelines and genre preferences are important, but we should totally research, investigate, and weigh our findings against our own personality and professional goals. By learning as much as we can, writers can focus our search on lit agents who would truly make a great fit. There is a lot more to an Author/Agent relationship than simply querying and finding rep. We’re entering into a business partnership. We’re committing to what hopefully will be an LTR. Sure, agents choose wisely. But the writer must also choose that potential partner carefully.

Agency websites give an overview, but they don’t provide the whole picture.  We are responsible for digging deeper: interviews, current clients’ websites, recent deals, rights’ management experience, Twitter feeds, interns’ blogs, etc. Writers can’t just scratch the surface and call it a day. I…

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2 thoughts on “Agents Stalk Us Too

  1. That was very interesting.

    It also hit the nail on the head about querying, I suspect, from the research side of it. I have long held the view that if you’re time is limited (and mine is, severely) you need to have about five or six books that you’re proud of under your belt because the only way you can possibly query properly is to do it full time. So then it comes down to whether you want to do that. My sanity will not permit me. Then again, my ‘full-time’ is only a couple of hours a day and only during school term times, and that’s only just enough writing time to stave off the cold turkey. Mwa ha hahargh.




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