It Sparkles

I haven’t been around the old blog much lately because I’ve been distracted by things that sparkle. Specifically, I’ve been distracted by book covers. My book covers. Not only is it time to work on a cover for Demon Fire, but we’re also working on a new cover for The Claiming Words. My friends, Maegan Provan and Victoria Barrow, hooked me up with a very talented cover artist–Skylar Faith from Trunotdreams.

This is the cover I hope to see on the front of my book very soon:  Isn’t is gorgeous?

The Claiming Words E-book (1)



5 thoughts on “It Sparkles

  1. Love this book cover more than the other one. The other one looked more like a childrens book than YA. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it on Amazon.


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