Fun Friday Roundup

It’s been a wild and eventful week. Let’s see…we bid 2012 farewell and heralded in 2013. Happy New Year everyone! Some of us made our New Year’s Resolutions…some of us did not.

I spent the better part of Wednesday moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Why? Because I spent hours and hours every week trying to make my Blogger blog look perfect (or at least satisfactory), but it never did. Maybe it’s because there were too many customizable options and I was like a kid in a candy shop, oogling at all the pretty colors. *Drool* Or, maybe it’s because I just like to create drama and upheaval in my life. I don’t know. But here the thing: even though I moved my domain, it didn’t work out quite right because WordPress uses a naked domain. Don’t ask me what all that means because I don’t completely understand (which is why I was on the phone with Go Daddy tech support for ten minutes). Anywho… some of my followers might not find me right away, which is bad. So, I’ll have to work extra hard to find my peeps and lure them back to the dark side.

Enough about my blogging issues…let’s move on to bigger and more interesting things.

First off, we had fun on “the other blog.” On Authors to Watch (my blog where we have interviews with cool, fun, awesome authors), I talked to Susana Ellis about her new novella. If you’re interested in regency romance, you might want to pop over there and read about it. There’s an excerpt and a giveaway!!! In other news, I visited with A.R. Silverberry on his beautiful website. He also stopped by Authors to Watch to talk about his own book, Wyndano’s Cloak.

I didn’t get a lot of reading done, though I bought a lot of books for the new Kindle Fire I got for Christmas. The first books I bought were Kristen Lamb’s social media books for writers. I’ve already finished Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Writer. I totally recommend this book to anyone who is writing, has written, or has ever thought about writing a book. I’m tearing through her other book right now: We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media. I might need to put it aside for a day or two so I can read Gone Girl because I have to finish it before book club on Sunday. I’ll let you all know how that book goes and if I love it. I think I will.

Fun Friday Links:

Slush Pile Hell…Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone enjoy this blog as much as I do? Even if you’re not a writer or have never written a query, you’ll enjoy reading about this literary  agent and the wacky query letters he’s received.

Single Dad Laughing…I stumbled across this blog thanks to a FaceBook friend. I’m not a dad, or a single parent, but I do like to laugh, so I’ve enjoyed this blog quite a bit. Don’t let the name fool you—it isn’t all about parenting. It’s about life and laughter and fun. Check it out!

Don’t Be In a Hurry to Publish… Here’s some food for thought from Marj McRae, talented author and blogger extraordinaire.

Fun Friday Video:

Yes, I know this video is horrible and inappropriate, but it’s hilariously funny too. My fourteen-year-old daughter introduced me to it.

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