Vampire Dating: When To Call It Quits

Lately, vampires have been on my mind. Maybe it’s because the final Twilight movie is coming out soon. Or, maybe it’s because Halloween is right around the corner. Anyway, I got to thinking that’s it’s been a while since I’ve contributed any posts to my Vampire Dating Series.

Today’s topic: How to know when to call it quits.

Sometimes a human/vampire relationship doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped. Maybe he’s too possessive. Or, his dietary habits are getting in the way of your other relationships. Maybe he’s refusing to grant you the gift of immortality. There are several warning signs that your relationship is doomed to fail. Let’s discuss a few of them…

  1. He’s too possessive—It’s normal for your new boyfriend to want to spend all his time with you. When a relationship is fresh and new, it’s natural that the newly formed couple can’t get enough of each other. But, if he’s angry, jealous, or violent when you’re around other guys, that’s not okay. If he tries to micromanage your time, this is a warning sign. Don’t let him push you around. If he can’t trust you, the relationship won’t last. This goes for any relationship, whether it’s with a human, a vampire, or that cute shape-shifter who sits behind you in algebra.
  2. He ate one of your friends or family members—There are some things you can’t get past in a relationship. If he’s eaten one of your loved ones, it’s going to be very hard for you to forgive him. I’m not really sure you should forgive something like that. Murder is a deal-breaker. Just saying.
  3. You’re attracted to other vampires or paranormal individuals—Sometimes love doesn’t last. If you’re finding yourself fantasizing about your boyfriend’s adorable blood-sucking best friend, or if you’re attracted to that werewolf hottie down the street, you need to take a step back. If you have feelings for someone else, it could be a sign that are having doubts about your boyfriend. Don’t jump into a major commitment until you’re sure.
  4. He’s selfish—He taunts you with the gift of Immortality, but refuses to give it to you. He says he doesn’t want to ‘curse’ you with eternal life, but you feel like he’s holding the gift over your head. If you doubt his honesty, you might want to step back from the relationship. Maybe you need to question your own motivations. Is he the only one being selfish? Are you using him for his Immortality? A relationship not based on love is a relationship doomed for failure.
  5. You have nothing to talk about—Yeah, good looks go a long way and you can fill in those moments of silence with non-verbal activity, but for how long? Trust me. Eventually, you’ll have to talk to him, and if you’ve run out of things to say this early in the relationship, what the heck are going to talk about for eternity?
Breaking up is hard to do, ladies, especially when it comes to severing ties with an immortal who could snap your neck like a twig. In order to help you through the difficult (and often dangerous) process of saying farewell to your vampire, be sure to stop by my blog next week for the next installment in the Vampire Dating Series where we will tackle this sticky issue.
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