Feeling Famous

Yesterday, I was interviewed for the first time. The Queen of Interviews, Kate Jack, gave me the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed on her blog. Not only is Kate is top-notch interviewer and a very nice person, she is a brilliant author.

Why interview? Interviews are a good way for the interviewee to draw attention to their work and for the interviewer to increase traffic to their website. For readers, these interviews can provide insight into the minds of their favorite writers. For aspiring authors, the interview can provide encouragement and inspiration.

What makes a good interviewer? Kate Jack somehow manages to conduct several interviews each week and each interview is unique. How does she do this? I don’t know, but she pulls it off. I look forward to each new interview and soak up every word. Kate seems to tailor her questions to each individual author, so she is able to draw out her interviewee and get into their heads in a way generic questions could not do.

I want to be like Kate. I want to be able to bring out the best in each interviewee…to draw out even the most shy, reserved author…to push the envelope…but, most of all, to have the energy to conduct interview after insightful interview without becoming stale. Like novel-writing, I guess interviewing is a craft. I guess that makes Kate an artist.

To read my interview with Kate, or to find out how a good interviewer conducts a good interview, visit Kate Jack’s amazing blog:


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