The Killing Words

To overcome writer’s block, I’ve embraced a new motto: When the words won’t come, kill someone.

I don’t kill real people, or main characters (usually), but a timely death can really jump start a faltering story line. I won’t say who I kill, attempt to kill, or who I might consider killing in the future. But, trust me: people die.

Killing makes the words flow forth,but killing isn’t easy. You have to decide who to kill, who does the killing, how and where the killing takes place, and how much blood will soak into the carpet. Killing requires choreography. It requires courage, especially if you kill one of the good guys, because you know someone, somewhere will be upset that you killed off their favorite character.

As I embark upon writing the next chapter of my newest book, I am excited about what comes next. The plot is unfolding, twisting and turning. I no longer fear the evil curse of Writer’sBlock because I know how to defeat it. If I get stuck again, I’ll just kill someone.

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