The Number Fairy

Each night when the house is quiet (or not), I am transported into a world of words. Words become sentences, sentences become paragraphs, and paragraphs combine to compose the imaginary world that takes up much of my time.

By day, numbers rule. I pay bills with someone else’s money, invoice customers, and compose spreadsheets to try to make sense of all the numbers the company throws my way.

Occasionally, these two worlds come together: kids call me at work to ask me if we have any peanut butter, I wake up in the middle of the night and worry about something I forgot to do at work the day before, and the Number Fairy flies through my front door and insists that I organize my word world on a spreadsheet.

I cannot resist the Number Fairy. I am ashamed to say I have spreadsheets for each of my books with chapter breakdowns, timelines, and character lists with important information such as birth dates. The number obsession doesn’t stop here, though. At any given time, I can spout off  my approximate word count for each book. For example:

The Claiming Words (book 1 in a YA fantasy series)- complete at 81,000 words.

Demon Fire (book 2)- complete at 96,000 words.

Bonds of Magic (working title- book 3)- work in progress. 50,000 words.

The First Protector (a spin-off of The Claiming Words series)- complete, but under threat of major rewrite. Currently 104,000 words.

The Fifth Circle- a work in progress at 42,000 words.

Untitled Zombie book- ignored and unloved at 30,000 words.

So, if you are struck by a sudden urge to put useless information on a spreadsheet or calculate the number of seconds left in the work day, you can be sure you have been visited by the Number Fairy.

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