We are often told the key to happiness is forgiveness. We forgive others, not for their benefit, but for our own. I've spent a lifetime forgiving people. I've never been a grudge-holder, so forgiveness has (for the most part) come fairly easily for me. Or so I'd thought. Yesterday, I had an afternoon visit with … Continue reading Forgiveness

Compassion for Oneself #1000Speak

This is my first post for #1000Speak, though I've been meaning to post for a while and have been avidly following the blog movement. What is #1000Speak? Find out on the Official Blog. The topic this month is Compassion. I've decided to address something I've been struggling with a lot lately: Compassion for Myself. What … Continue reading Compassion for Oneself #1000Speak

You Are Perfect

After a brief stay in the hospital, I revived a habit I thought I'd kicked nearly a year ago - watching television. I have nothing against television, but I have a tendency to get hooked on Law & Order SVU or Criminal Minds marathons. In fact, I wasted the entire weekend watching television. I learned … Continue reading You Are Perfect