A Few Thoughts on Editors

Editors. We all need them - at least most of us do. It's very difficult to catch all your own mistakes when you write something, and the longer the piece of work, the more numerous the errors. When you're first starting out as a writer, you need a really good editor. Not just someone to … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Editors

Editors: It Takes One to Know One

Editors. We all need one. Or do we? I know a few authors who successfully self-edit, but for the most part, authors rely on editors to perfect their books prior to publication. But how do authors find the right editor for their book? Some rely on references from friends. Others carefully review samples of the … Continue reading Editors: It Takes One to Know One


I know my blog has been a little (ahem) inactive lately. I've relied heavily on reblogs and some other miscellaneous posts instead of offering my weekly advise and insights on writing and craft. I'm sure there will be times I feel moved to write about writing, but for now, I'll leave craft to the experts. … Continue reading Insignificance