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It’s almost Valentines Day, a holiday dedicated to love. If you’re newly divorced or on the heels of a bad break-up, Valentines Day can often be a reminder of what you lost or what you’re longing for. If you’ve been settled in a relationship for a long time, Valentines Day might just be an ordinary day–working, taking kids to school, tackling that growing mound of laundry. But, fear not! Valentines Day is for everyone. You can still feel that spark. You can still fall in love. All you need is an active imagination and a good book.

Even though I’ve been married for a long time, I still have the pleasure of falling in love on a regular basis. While no one could replace my husband in my heart, when I dive into a good book, I have an opportunity to fall in love with a dark, enigmatic romantic hero. Just recently, I fell in love with Mishal, a character from Book One of the Redhaven Saga by Victoria Barrow. Be sure to buy a copy when it releases this spring! You’ll fall in love too.

When writing, I often fall in love with my own romantic heroes. It might sound crazy to fall in love with a character I created from my own imagination, but I’ve heard other authors say the same thing. So, either we’re all crazy or none of us are. Okay, so we’re all a little off. Hey, you have to be a little off your rocker to be a writer!

Today, I’m going to share an excerpt from Demon Fire, which is the sequel to The Claiming Words and is scheduled to be released this Summer.

“It’s crowded in here,” Bryce whispered in my ear. “How about breaking the no kissing in the training room rule?” He nuzzled my earlobe and my resolve slipped away.

“It was more of a guideline than a rule,” I whispered back. “Let’s go.” I was ashamed at myself for how easily I gave into him. I had no willpower where Bryce was concerned.

When we entered the training room, Bryce pushed me up against the wall and kissed me until I was dizzy. My breath came in shallow gasps and his body pressing against me was the only thing that kept me upright.

“Oh, God, Alisa,” he groaned in my ear. “I have no control around you anymore. It’s almost dangerous for me to be alone with you.” He trailed kisses along my throat, and then lower. With a moan, he pulled away from me and placed both hands on the back of his head as if trying to hold it onto his shoulders. I knew the feeling; my head didn’t feel like it was on quite straight when I was with Bryce. It sure wasn’t in charge of the rest of me.

He shook his head. “Let’s go upstairs and watch TV with my parents, otherwise I won’t be responsible for my actions.” Bryce shook slightly as he led me up the stairs.


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14 thoughts on “I ♥ Books Valentine Blog Hop

  1. Thanks for the preview – you certainly got my attention. My favorite yummy character is Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I’m really enjoying the blog hop, and hope you’ll come visit my blog.


  2. “Oh, God, Alisa,” he groaned in my ear. “I have no control around you anymore. It’s almost dangerous for me to be alone with you.” I love this line. I really enjoyed reading your excerpt.


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